Sunday, January 17, 2016

OPINION - The Big Picture

There's an old saying, with origins in Catholic scripture if I'm not mistaken...

"It is right to fear evil men, but that which we should fear most is the indifference of good men."

It's something which isn't thought of much in modern society, as humans are creatures of habit and we don't like to step out of our routines much anymore. People aren't as willing to truly stand up for a belief, to the end of all things. This is due to largely to a fairly modern - in the grand scheme of things - culture of "us and them" mentality which seems to have become ingrained into our minds.

I'm here to tell you right now that this "if you're not with me then you're against me" mindset is the one thing keeping the world on the downward spiral that it's in. Why's that? Hear me out.

Sun Tzu had a theory that if you could turn your enemies against each other, then your war was already half-won, and it's very true. What we have is a divided society, almost everywhere in the Western world. There are the "gun nuts" versus the "gun grabbers", the feminists verses the patriarchy, the blacks versus the whites, the atheists versus the religious and so on and so forth, and these groups get so uptight about their own beliefs on whatever their particular issue is that they refuse to allow themselves to see eye to eye with someone of a conflicting belief.

For example, let's say person A is a firearm enthusiast who is strongly homophobic and person B is a gay man who happens to also be a firearm enthusiast. These two people wouldn't meet up to further a mutual agenda regarding firearms because of their conflicting beliefs on homosexuality.

The short fact of the matter is that everyone on the planet will always have certain prejudices - it is human nature - but the fact that we all are constantly squabbling over who is right rather than fighting for a common cause is the reason that the powers that be are so easily able to walk all over us.

It's no secret that the world is divided into two camps - those with power and those without. Those with power, the large corporations, the government bodies, the banks, even celebrities all get to work completely outside of the law with no ramifications for committing unspeakable acts to the planet and its people, where the people without power - i.e. us - can be imprisoned, fined or had our lives ruined for anything from defending our families to crossing a road where we're "not supposed to".

We're all so busy squabbling amongst ourselves that we've failed to notice that the countries we live in have been slowly turning from democratic to fascistic under our very noses. Don't believe me? Which column does your country fit better into?

Power bodies would easily be able to settle most of the arguments which keep us fighting within our own camps, but why would they? It serves their purpose to have us constantly bickering with one another.

The vast majority of each country's population is happy to sit at home, watching the garbage being fed to them via their television set - Kardashians, celebrity gossip, skateboarding dogs and what have you - and the rest of the people, the minority, us, who DO take the time to bypass all of that garbage and see that sea levels are rising, weather patterns are changing, stock markets are collapsing and governmental corruption is running rampant, are all so busy arguing with one another over utterly pointless topics which don't affect anything that we never bother to organise and do something about the issues. We never want to leave the safety of our own special little nests of our beliefs to enact change.

So the next time you feel the red mist entering because someone has mentioned migrants or vaccines or mosques or gun import laws, just calm the hell down and remember that an army divided against itself is no army. Everyone is always going to have conflicting views. It's the measure of a good person to acknowledge another's point of view, even if you don't agree with it. Remember who the real people fucking up the planet are. Take your anger out on them.

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