Sunday, March 2, 2014

INFORMATIVE - The Importance of Staying Sharp

Recently, the Informed Preppers humped out into a bit of local bushland which - while dense - is criss-crossed with dozens of bushwalking paths and bike tracks, and we did so during peak time, when the forest would be at its most heavily populated. Why did we do this? Because it's important to keep your skills sharp.

We set ourselves a mission to get from one end of the forest to the other, actively crossing several of the paths, without being seen by anyone out for a walk or ride - quite a task given the number of people going through there on a beautiful sunny Saturday. Staying hidden and moving through a monitored area unseen is an important survival skill which isn't the sort of thing you want to try and learn how to do "on the night" so to speak, and so we took this as the perfect opportunity to test our mettle while there was no real risk.

Why do this? Many preppers/survivalists will limit their knowledge to reading it in books or watching video tutorials, but very few are willing to really go out and learn these skills the hard way - by actually doing it. I cannot stress enough to importance of attempting to find water, light a fire, move with stealth, shoot a bow and arrow, build a shelter out of nature... All of these things are very difficult to do, and even more difficult to do under the strain of necessity.

No prepper has an excuse not to actually get out and do these things. Camp in your back yard if you have to... Spend an evening cooking over a fire that you lit yourself after making your hands bleed on a flint and steel... Go to your local bit of parkland and try walking through the bushes rather than along the path. Start small if you have to, but get the hands on experience that you may one day come to rely on in a real life-or-death situation. The thing about survival is that you never see the situations coming, they're just thrust upon you and you must be ready for them.

For a bit of fun, here are some shots of your Informed Preppers' camouflage setups in action. Can you find us?

It was a long day for us, and very tiring, but it was a 100% successful mission and it lets us know that our skills are still sharp!

Remember... Be prepared, not scared.

- CumQuaT

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