Monday, January 27, 2014

OPINION - The Warning Signs

Humans are not designed to live in such dense populations. The BBC documentary 'The Human Animal' (which I highly recommend watching) covers the concept of human tribalism quite thoroughly. They explain how the human psyche cannot comprehend an awareness of more than about 100 individual people at any given time, and when placed in a large population situation such as a city or the like, they are forced to "tune out" all of the people they don't know.

This is evident in many social experiments where they have an actor feign a serious injury or condition in a public place as opposed to a small town or village. When performed in a city, the 'victim' would sometimes go more than 20 minutes without anyone coming to their aid, with some people literally stepping over them as they lie in the street.

In a small village, however, performing the same experiment led to immediate response, with one 'victim' being forcibly cared for in a concerned citizens home for several hours despite having the details of the experiment explained to them.

As the population increases, one of two outcomes becomes more and more inevitable: compression or collapse.

Compression is a necessary measure taken by those in power in a community in order to maintain that position of power. When a population is small, they can safely be allowed to be relatively independent. Since - in order to thrive - they need to work together, their independence leads to them taking responsibilities for the greater good.

However, as a population gets larger, they need to be kept closer together - like a flock of sheep - in order to be maintained, directed and controlled. Since a growing population takes up more and more physical space, that compression needs to take place in a more metaphorical sense, such as subtle forms of domination. Control what they can eat, where they can go, what they can do, who they can be with, what they can own, how they can think and they will be manageable. Due to the herd-like nature of the human psyche, this means that anyone stepping out of line and not bending to a leaders' demands will be a minority and thus easily brought back into line - often by the very community from which they came, lest they be ostracized.

Collapse occurs when a community's leadership makes too many false steps and loses control of the number of dissidents appearing within their flock. When their numbers get high enough they begin to have the ability to sway the thinking of the herd en-masse, either through displays of defiance or acts of fear and aggression, forcing a perspective change out of fear.

When collapse occurs, the only way for a leadership to regain control is to compress further. This usually translates to the use of force and fear tactics, either through police/military strength or propaganda. Throughout the past, many political regimes have made use of various propaganda tactics to make this happen when faced with either a current uprising or an impending one, generally in the form of adopting an "us vs them" attitude with some opposing force, leading their populace to believe they are under attack and that they must unite to ward off the approaching evil.

This, however, does not always work, and alternate strategies need to be implemented. Many countries around the world have lately been adopting these strategies, and since they are taking on more and more forms, they are becoming increasingly difficult to see. Here are some examples to watch for:

False Flag Operations - False flag operations are when a government or power body stages an horrific event and blames it on a well-publicized external threat in order to bring together the people during a time of crisis. An example would be to execute (or possibly fake) a terrorist attack on a public place - possibly at a publicized event for maximum exposure - and presenting false evidence via media outlets which point to a well-known anti-establishment group which happens to be a 'flavor of the month' in the news.

Using the Media - It's no secret that most media channels have their content tightly controlled. If the people's minds are starting to wander too far into the realm of anarchy, then in many cases there will 'just happen' to be lots of stories about homemade bombs being found, or gang activity being rife in the streets. This leads to a fearful - yet unified - population who look to their government, police and military for protection.

Involuntary Training Drills - It has been discovered that several cases of horrific bushfires around the world have in actual fact been started by local military. This kind of incident can be used as a cover for live troop training in a martial law environment and to gauge how a people are likely to react in a time of emergency.

Refugee Influx - One thing that is universally frowned upon worldwide is refugee influx into a country, but it is proven time and time again that the numbers and facts presented about these situations are lied about. I'm not saying it's not a bad thing, but the next time your country's media starts getting particularly loud about refugees, take a look at what is going on in world news that is being ignored.

In past articles we have discussed how to take over a country, but when it comes down to subduing one's own people, there is no faster and more efficient way than martial law.

To execute it, however, takes certain steps - the first of which is to weaken your populace. You can do this easily by controlling the flow of money. Without money, people become fearful. They can't buy food, they can't pay their bills and they can't get help. We live in a world where your money is no longer physical. It is a number in a computer and not much else, and to deny you access to your physical money is simply a matter of denying you access to that number.

If martial law is to be implemented, you will likely encounter a scenario similar to the following:

1) Monday - Thursday - Early, casual stories in the news of a computer virus attacking banks.

2) Friday Morning - Banks appear in media to say that they will be suspending activity over the weekend in order to cleanse their systems of the virus you've been hearing of. Regular transactions will be available as of Monday morning.

3) Saturday Morning - All banks shut down. ATMs stop working. Eftpos stops working. Credit cards won't scan and banks don't open their doors. This was announced to happen, so nobody panics.

4) Sunday Evening - People who have been surviving on cash for the weekend are nearly out of money and look forward to Monday morning. Everything seems normal.

5) Monday Morning - Banks do not restart services. Population is out of money, out of food (most people only store 3 days worth in their home) out of fuel and unable to purchase anything they require.

6) Tuesday Morning - Martial Law is announced in order to "help settle the chaos". Troops offer food and water distribution services in exchange for compliance. Compliance is achieved.

It would be as simple as that to achieve. It could take many more forms than that, and this is just one example of what could happen, but in order to subdue a nation which outnumbers its own military and police forces, then you need to control the resources and inspire a deep fear of not getting them back unless they comply. Many martial law scenarios have been established under the guise of "helping the people" overcome some dangerous situation such as the ones listed above, and there will be many more as time goes on.

Be prepared, not scared.

- CumQuaT

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