Wednesday, May 1, 2013

INFORMATIVE - Your EDC (Every Day Carry) Load-out

A prepper's EDC is a very personal thing, and it can come in many, many different forms. Essentially, your EDC is the list of items that you have with you, on your person, at any given time. Imagine you were away from home and your 72 hour bag was in your car. What would be on your person, at hand, in the coffee shop, restaurant, office, wherever it was that you were? What are those small, handy items that never leave your body while you are out?

Optimizing these items is a crucial part of preparedness. Most men (women tend to carry more due to handbags) would have the following on them:

- Phone
- Wallet
- Keys
- Wristwatch

If this is all you have on you during a crisis, you won't be much good. By comparison, a prepper's EDC will look more like this:

- Phone in battery backup case
- Wallet
- Keys with ParaCord fob
- Multi-function Wristwatch
- Small Multi-Tool
- Folding Knife
- Bandana
- Small Torch
- Waterproof Notepad and Pen

With the above you can do a lot of things.

You'll notice that there's a Folding Knife in that list, and many people new to prepping will be freaked out by that, but trust me when I say that having a good quality, well designed folding knife in your EDC can do you a world of good. Too many people associate knives with violence, but in the case of a prepper, that's not what they're for. Knives can be used for everything from opening boxes to cutting away clothing in emergency medical scenarios to mixing things, to digging small holes and, yes, for self defense if absolutely necessary, though with regards to that, I cannot stress enough how much you should avoid using your knife for that purpose unless you are FULLY trained in the art of both knife fighting and defense, and, even then, only when you genuinely feel that your life is threatened. Trust me when I say that a knife is not a part of your average EDC for use as a weapon, but despite this is an invaluable bit of kit - especially a good quality one such as a Cold Steel, Spyderco or Hibben brand (I'll be doing a separate post on knife selection)

Without having some sort of Batman-like utility belt, however, the amount of stuff you can easily have on your person is generally quite small, unless you wear particularly functional clothing such as cargo/combat pants or shirts with pockets on them. So, in order to expand your EDC size, I have been working on some extra solutions, which I call the Wallet EDC and the Keyring EDC, which I'll go over separately in separate articles.

Until then, adios!

- CumQuaT

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