Wednesday, May 1, 2013

TUTORIAL - The Wallet EDC Concept

In an earlier article I discussed the concept of a prepper's EDC loadout. One of the biggest limitations when it comes to EDC is the limited carrying capacity of your average person while retaining some degree of comfort.

That's where the Wallet EDC Concept comes in handy. You'd be amazed the number of handy things you can keep in your wallet (especially when you have the right wallet).

If I was to recommend any particular wallet design, it would definitely be T.H.E SpecOPS Wallet by SpecOpsBrand.

This wallet is seriously amazing. It can hold a passport, 8 cards, 2 IDs, lots of loose change and various small items. It also uses a patented "SharkBite" closure system which is guaranteed for life, and has two riveted holes through which a lanyard can be strung to turn the wallet into a visible ID badge.
One of my favourite features is a hidden pocket in the notes section that runs the entire length of the wallet and zips up for security.

With all of this space, you can store lots of handy items for your EDC. Here's a look at an example Wallet EDC loadout using the SpecOpsBrand wallet:

Inside of it they have:

- a CardSharp knife - a fairly decent little blade that folds into the size and shape of a credit card. Great in a pinch
- a credit card sized multi-tool - very good little mix of utilities in a very small package. It has on it a saw, knife, bottle opener, can opener, ruler, angular compass and hex-nut drivers.
- this EDC has a mini lock-pick set. Something this small would only be good in the hands of an experienced locksmith, but if you have that skill-set (and license) then good for you!

In addition to this, many other things could easily be slipped inside of a wallet like this, including:

- a thin profile high powered torch
- a thin profile digital camera
- a Swiss Army Card
- small set of nail clippers
- a small survival guide

The list goes on, and is really only limited by your creativity. You'll be amazed at how much extra you can carry while taking up no extra space on your person!

- CumQuaT

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