Thursday, May 2, 2013

TUTORIAL - The Keychain EDC Concept

In an earlier article I discussed the concept of a prepper's EDC loadout. One of the biggest limitations when it comes to EDC is the limited carrying capacity of your average person while retaining some degree of comfort.

That's where the Keychain EDC Concept comes in handy. You'd be amazed the number of handy things you can keep on your keychain.

As an example, here's the keychain that I carry with me:

On this one keychain (attached to my belt with a carabiner) I have the following:

- A telescopic ink pen (always handy since you never have a pen when you need one)
- A WonKey (for those pesky wobbly tables at cafes)
- A watertight canister which holds a folded up $20 note (spare cash is always handy)
- A larger watertight canister which holds $10 in coins (for vending machines, etc)
- A keyring cigarette lighter
- A mini Swedish Firesteel
- A keyring-sized LED Lenser torch
- A tritium keyring glow-stick identifier

There's heaps more you could add, too. Just use your imagination. Using this method you can drastically expand your EDC loadout while taking up no real extra space!

- CumQuaT

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