Thursday, May 2, 2013

INFORMATIVE - The Bandana - Handiest Thing Ever

If you don't carry a bandana around with you in your back pocket, then you're missing out on a million different handy tools in one.

When prepping, it's always best to stock up on things that have multiple uses. For example, ParaCord, a knife, a multi-tool, etc, but when it comes to multi-purpose tools, it's hard to compare to the simple bandana. They have hundreds of different uses, and are small and light enough to just pop in your back pocket. You wouldn't even know it was there otherwise. Plus, given that they're flat and soft when folded, you can still use that pocket!

When selecting a bandana, try and avoid polyester and go for pure cotton, as it will last longer and be easier to clean. Also try and find one that's around 2x2 feet in size (one of the standard sizes is 55x55cm so that works). They fold up into a little 12x12cm square for easy carrying.

So, what can you use a bandana for? Well, here are a few uses:

- Signal (especially brightly coloured bandanas)
- Neck warmer for cold weather
- Disguise your face when you don't want to be recognised
- Tourniquet
- Wound compress
- Pot holder
- Collecting seeds, berries and nuts while foraging
- Prevent sunburn on neck
- Sling for broken arm
- As a weapon (can be used as a rock-throwing sling or as a mace/flail)
- Torn into strips for cordage or bandages
- Washcloth
- Towel
- Sweatband
- Belt pouch
- Make a bindle (bag on a stick)
- Padding a hot/cold place to sit
- Making a hard place more comfortable to sit
- Cleaning rag for knives/firearms/equipment
- Working with/sorting small items to prevent loss
- Re-usable toilet paper
- Marking a trail
- Dish rag
- Napkin
- Eye patch
- Water filtration (for silt, or in conjunction with charcoal for finer particles/impurities)
- Ear muffs
- Bind a stone with one to create a grapple for climbing
- Dust/Smoke mask (especially when wettened first)
- Head cover
- Padding for transport of fragile items in your pack
- Blindfold
- Storage of small, loose items
- Gag
- Concealment (for discreet weapon carrying)
- A wick
- Protect your hand if breaking glass or climbing
- Notepad (if a plain colour)
- Put ice/snow in it to use as a cold pack for injuries
- Group identification (if specific pattern)
- And... You know... Blowing your nose...

The list goes on and on, and really, they're only a few bucks. So go out and grab a bandana. Grab two! Throw them in your pockets or your bag and you'll be set up for so many different situations!

- CumQuaT

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