Wednesday, May 22, 2013


A recap of a couple of wins, (and a couple of fails) from the last couple of weeks. (First four are from the same day!)

A few bad smells were eminating from the office at work, my workmates couldn't locate anything in the roof or walls with the poor light they were using, so I grabbed my EDC torch and gave it to the boss. A couple of minutes later *BAM* we found a dead rat. Walked into the warehouse to another ungodly smell, after 5 minutes of searching under pallets with my torch. *BAM* Another dead rat. Both were disposed of lovingly.

                                                                My trusty Fenix PD32!

Lunch time rolls around and i go to eat my can of beans, forgot my spoon! Luckily I carry a FRED (Field Ration Eating Device or more affectionately know as a Fucking Ridiculous Eating Device, you'll see why below). Note to self: Carry a better eating utensil!


I know that CumQuaT carries a CRKT Eat 'n' Tool in his EDC for just this occasion:

My other two wins came at a football game that night, Pre-match warm up I had some pain from shin splints,  so I popped a couple of Iboprofin and  ended up playing a pretty decent game. Just before half time one of the boys needed a cut strapped up because of rules regarding blood. At half time another one of the lads had  cut his knee up pretty bad on the pitch, I chucked him my IFAK (Individual First Aid Kit) and he patched himself up. So all in all it was a good day.

A couple of things I still need for my bag. I carry a mechanical pencil but do not carry a pen, countless times I have needed a pen and was not able to provide one. Secondly, One of the lads came off injured last week and was asking if I had any lollies, as he needed something sweet, I did previously but DID NOT RESTOCK MY BAG. Must remember to REPLACE ANYTHING I use ASAP.

Anyway, there will be more in future! As well as another list of links for you guys to check out.

Take it easy.


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