Monday, April 29, 2013

Good links - April 2013

So when I find some good links for you to check out, I'll do a post for it. Here's this month's offering:

Australian Survivalist -
Good all-rounder survivalist info page for Australians.

Zombie Squad Forum -
Actually a little funny. The whole thing is themed for zombie survival, but they really do cover some pretty damn good ideals and concepts there that translate to real-world scenarios.

Gallimaufree -
Covers a wide range of suburban survival techniques. Great for those whose plan is to "bug in" rather than "bug out".

72 Hour Survivalist -
A great summary of some alternative views for a 72 hour bag or bug-out bag. (They're two different things! But we'll cover that in a later article)

Survival Gear Australia -
One of my personal favourite sites. Not only do these guys sell some great stuff at pretty decent prices, they also have a great news section down the bottom on the left where you can keep up to date with lots of current and related topics to survivalism, though we'll be doing that here, too.

Water Treatment -
A friend of mine put me onto this one. It's a great and thorough article going into many various water treatment and purification methods from yesteryear, which still work well today.

Your EDC Bag -
EDC stands for Every Day Carry, and we'll be going into it in more detail in future articles, but this site goes into lots of fun detail regarding the topic.

The Deth Guild EDC -
Another page with some interesting EDC topics. The more you read the better prepared you are, mentally!

- CumQuaT 

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